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Love is the Concept of the Album

The concept and work for the 6 Sucks Sex album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus and the website began in 2001. The names, ideas, music and writing have changed and evolved over the last fifteen years since then to this album’s launch in 2017. Certain core principles, such as love, have remained unchanged, while love, understanding and gratitude have deepened.

This album and my website are an expression of love and light for your amusement and enrichment, in the name of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit – no shit. I think it will appeal to some people, some will get it, be edified, informed, laugh and enjoy good fun – you’re my friends. It may piss off some religious types such as Atheists and Christians, and I can fairly and squarely be accused of satire and parody of religion and idiocy, but I mean well and it’s all in good, glorious fun – for the laughter and love of God inspired by the knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord. I am as deadly serious as we will emerge alive on the other side of this life ; ).  Check out the songs and the rest of this website if you think I’m kidding. Or not ; P.

The album is a collection of original lyrical compositions and public domain/fair use of prophetic Bible passages (Psalm 22, Isaiah 52 & 53); a medical account of Christ’s crucifixion; a list of the mostly brutal fates suffered by Jesus’ first disciples; and parts of the American Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

I sang, created the music, played the instruments, produced the songs. The order and content of the songs progressively both reveals the evolution of my soul and understanding, and establishes a body of evidence for the divinity of Jesus.

It’s said that we’re all entitled to our own opinions, but not our own facts. You and i exist in the same world that this evidence exists in, and we’ll each be giving an account of our own lives to our maker at some point, unless you’re gonna stay here on Earth after your body dies.

Anyway, while I’m here, I’m gonna praise God, laugh, live, love and do what I want and can to grow as a human and to help all humans and civiliization develop into the fullness and glory of the Kingdom of God, with or without technology and the approval of society.

Overall, the purpose of this album is to glorify God. I’m doing this by putting his words and deeds to music and putting it on the internet for free, so that people worldwide can get the Word of God from this perspective whenever and however they want, 24-7.

Sick Twisted Loving Jesus track list and links to song pages

Click the song name to go the lyrics and info page for each song. Click the icons to play the audio files.

  1. Love Music (instrumental)
  2. Stumbling Stoned to Offense Rock (original)
  3. Void Myself
  4. Pslam 22 (Psalm 22, NIV, Fair Use)
  5. Crucifixion Passion (The Passion of Christ from a Medical Point of View)
  6. Amazing Grates (Amazing Grace)
  7. Awake! Awake! (Isaiah 52:1-6, WEB)
  8. Suffer the Servant (Isaiah 52:13-53:12, WEB)
  9. Prayer of a Surrendered Rebel Soul (A Creed for Those Who have Suffered)
  10. Faithful Fates (The Supposed Fate of the Evangelists and Apostles)
  11. Your Love is Home
  12. Elevation Translation (Love Music reprise)
  13. Declaration of Constitutional Governance
  14. Stumbling Stoned to Offense Rock (video mix)

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Stumbling Stoned to Offense Rock

Your Love is Home

Declaration of Constitutional Governance

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