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Your Love is Home – song from the 6 Sucks Sex album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus at

Going Home to Love

The Your Love is Home song is from the music album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus by 6 Sucks Sex. A prodigal son gets lost in confusion, doubt, fear and suffering after leaving God in Heaven to experience life as a human, and then finds perfect merciful love and forgiveness in returning home to God. The course of the song’s music is like that of a rollercoaster that starts in a prison psych ward and ends on Cloud 9. Yelling-chanting, psycho laughter and crooning-mumbling over a combination of rhythms and melodies in 4/4 and 5/4.

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Your Love is Home Lyrics

Oh, what an asshole I am
Born as a human and forgot who I am
Came to this place and left I AM
Played the game and now I am – DAMNED!

But – the Children of God have made Peace
And – the Earth has been inherited by the meek
Your – enemies are under Your Feet
The – Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is complete
And – Evil is obsolete

Oh! Yeah! NOW!

God is Love (1 John 4:16)
King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev 19:16)

And Your Grace rains down
Your Will is done
Your Love is Home
Your Love is Home

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