Crucifixion Passion (The Passion of Christ from a Medical Point of View)

Cross of Asciepius
Rod of Asclepius turned into a cross for the song Crucifixion Passion at 6SucksSex.comc


A Glutton and Drunkard for Punishment – Christ’s Passion

The song Crucifixion Passion is on the album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus by 6 Sucks Sex. It features my reading of a medical account of the sufferings of Jesus, an article titled, “The Passion of Christ from a Medical Point of View” by C. Truman Davis, published in Arizona Medicine, 1965 [PDF], used by permission. You can listen to it and all the songs on SoundCloud:

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Davis’ account of what the Son of God endured as he was mocked, flogged and crucified is visceral and brutal. It’s hard to hear of any human experiencing this, but knowing and feeling our own complicity in it adds crushing weight to the conscience, relieved by grace.

The reading is set to brutal, beautiful music, as befits the murder of God by humankind due to his goodness, and God’s use of that death as a sacrifice for that and all sin. Fifteen minutes of grinding tortured rythym and musical mayhem, followed by about 3 minutes of ethereal bliss.  One of the best songs I’ve made, one I’m proud to include on the 6 Sucks Sex album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus.

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