Faithful Fates (Supposed Fates of the Evangelists and Apostles)

Faithful Fates
Faithful Fates – The followers of God spreading the Word, persecuted by the world

Suffering and Dying for the Glory of God

The song Faithful Fates is from the 6 Sucks Sex music album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus. According to the Gospels, Jesus warned a number of times that his followers would suffer for their faith. He said the world would find their beliefs and way of life strange, repugnant, worthy of scorn and contempt, even hatred, persecution, punishment and death. According to the accounts that have been left, many of Jesus’ original apostles and disciples were persecuted, even to death. Subsequent generations of Christians in the Roman Empire experienced persecution in varying degrees until the Roman Emperor Constantine converted in 313 CE.

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Throughout history Christians have been subject to discrimination and persectution in countries where they are a minority. Today, there are more Christians than members of any other religion, and there are more Christians enduring persecution than members of any other religion, by percentage and per capita.

This song is a reading William Jackson’s list of Jesus’ first followers and the fates they suffered. It’s set to music you might want to go on the nod or nod off to, unless you’re pondering losing freedom, comfort and life for God, as these did. Faith in the face of persecution is moving and compelling.

The Supposed Fate of the Evangelists and Apostles

Jackson, William. “The Christian’s Legacy.” William Jackson: Philadelphia. 1843. p. 392

  • MATTHEW, the Apostle and Evangelist, was martyred in a city in Ethiopia.
  • MARK, the Evangelist, was dragged through the streets of Alexandria, in Egypt, till he expired.
  • LUKE, the Evangelist, was hanged on a tree till he was dead, in Greece.
  • JOHN, the Apostle and Evangelist, after having been put into a caldron of boiling oil, at Rome, and receiving no hurt, died a natural death at Ephesus, in Asia.
  • PETER was crucified at Rome; and, according to his own request, with his head downward, thinking himself unworthy to die in the posture which his Lord had done.
  • JAMES THE GREAT, was beheaded at Jerusalem.
  • JAMES THE LESS, was thrown from a pinnacle of the temple, and beaten to death with clubs.
  • PHILLIP was hanged against a pillar at Hierapolis, a city in Phrygia, till he expired.
  • BARTHOLOMEW was flayed alive.
  • ANDREW was bound to a cross, and preached to the people till he expired.
  • THOMAS was pierced through the body with a lance, at Coromandel, in the East-Indies.
  • JUDE was shot to death with arrows.
  • SIMON THE ZEALOT, was crucified in Persia.
  • MATTHIAS was first stoned, and afterwards beheaded.
  • BARNABAS was stoned to death, by the Jews, at Salamis.
  • PAUL, the great teacher of the Gentiles, was beheaded at Rome, by the tyrant Nero.

Such was the fate of the first preachers of the Gospel of Peace, according to the best accounts we have of their end. And, truly, they were sent forth as “sheep among wolves,” Matthew 10:16.

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