Void Myself (From the Abyss)

Void Self
Void Myself – song by 6 Sucks Sex for the album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus at 6SucksSex.com

Void My Self

Possibly the most demented song I’ve ever created, and a fine addition to the 6 Sucks Sex album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus. Sort of an ode by and for a former self, one that I’m familiar and comfortable with and that is quite ‘me’, but one that is only part of the more whole and complex person I’ve become, thanks be to God.

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A document of my human alienation – semi-nihilistic angst with a dose of schadenfreude tempered by misanthropy and self-loathing, plus, for good measure, a nod to those doing good – I’ve always loved you – so has God. An expression of my disgust with human society, my self and certain classes of people who are members by choice, as named in the song: Corrupt leaders and the selfish rich, war pigs and religious hypocrites. Fantasies of self-destruction and fitting punishments, with the hope of leaving this world and the burdens of the flesh for a cessation and nullification of existence, but with a realization even resignation to grace and eternal life and consciousness.

A skit in the middle portrays a surprise meeting in heaven between old arch enemies, with warm, fuzzy and disturbing twists. This is followed by another level of psycho chorus, and then a riotous dance for death with demons. Listen for the chainsaw in the final chorus. A fake fart in closing for those of us with a low-brow sense of humor.

These Days

These days I’m more optimistic, hopeful, charitable and forgiving towards God, my self and my fellow human beings. I believe God is more loving and merciful than humans can imagine, and the grace we can imagine, and that which has been reported to us in the Gospels and the New Testament, is awe-inspiring.

This theme of love and grace is hinted at here and there throughout the song in a twisted darkly-humorous way. Visible light is more visible in darkness, to human beings. And sometimes we appreciate it more. Suffering through six minutes of this may help you appreciate the following song even more – Pslam 22 (Psalm 22).

If you’re depressed, down, thinking of suicide – I’ve been there. Brother, sister – breathe deep and look up – there’s more to life, and life doesn’t end with death of the body. Some fear death because they know intuitively that it’s not an end, just a doorway. Some crave death seeing it as release/escape, but it’s not, it’s a new beginning.

Scarification stabbing surgery beating
Scarification (body art), stabbing, surgery, beating. 1991-2013

Lyrics to Void Myself (From the Abyss)

I pound my head face down into upright glass shards
I rip my chest wide open with big steel claws
I toss my body in the air a mile high
To crash back down on jagged rocks

Corrupt leaders, and the selfish rich
War pigs, and religious hypocrites
You rule the world, but you’re pieces of shit
If you’re lucky, you’ll just cease to exist

When I hear you’ve died I have to laugh
Cuz I know you’re takin’ Satan’s cock up your ass
If God decides to have mercy on you
You’ll be reborn in this world as someone you screwed

I feel like the worst person in the world
And I still think I’m better than everyone else
The only thing greater than my scorn for you
Is the hate that I feel for my self

The ones I admire are those who love
Who are kind and helpful to those getting fucked
The works that you’re doing move my soul
Your shining love lights this hellish black hole

Pound my head face down into upright glass shards
Rip my chest wide open with big steel claws
Toss my body in the air a mile high
To crash back down on jagged rocks

Strange and Childlike Narrator: “And now it’s story time: A recent graduate of the Horrorshow Amusement Park University aka ‘life on Earth’ serendipitously meets a despised fellow traveler – in Heaven”

Xian Dork: “Wow! This place is amazingly beautiful; everything seems to be made of living light, and filled with pure love and joy! Hold on; who’s this? Holy motherfuckin’ shit! How the fuck did an evil piece of shit like you get in here?!?!?!”

Evil Communist, Selfish Rich, War Pig, Corrupt Leader or Religious Hypocrite: “Same way a piece of shit like you got in; by the grace of the good motherfuckin’ Lord!”

Xian Dork: “Well – Halle-fuckin-lujah and Amen!!!”

Evil Communist, Selfish Rich, War Pig, Corrupt Leader or Religious Hypocrite: “Gimme a hug, you piece of fuckin’ shit!!!”

Pound my head face down into upright glass shards
Rip my chest wide open with big steel claws
Toss my body in the air a mile high
To crash back down on jagged rocks

I’ve spent my life wanting to end this
I wish I could just cease to exist

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