Finger-cross, aka fuckyoucifix, crucifinger or upyoucifix, by 6 Sucks Sex at 6SucksSex.com

Hello! You can call me rude, or 6 Sucks Sex or 6SS or 6 or Sicks for short. 6SucksSex.com is a platform for art, music, written and spoken communication, and discussion. For information, commentary and questions on God, art, life, love, humor, sex, human being, humanity, society, religion, politics, economics, technology, the future, ideas, truth, justice, and whatever else I find significant, useful, interesting or amusing.

We live in a world and society that is being transformed by rapidly advancing technological progress. Among other things, human civilization is a point in this logarithmic graph demonstrating the smooth progression from the Big Bang to our networked information civilization.

This Universe has been developing higher levels of complexity and order at an exponentially accerating rate since its inception; what are the odds it’s going to stop here, with us?

Rather, it seems likely the human species is just one vehicle for the expression of consciousness, a stepping stone for the next higher order, like the ones before us that gave rise to us. We are the medium through which a higher level of consciousness is emerging.

This does not necessarily mean natural persons and Homo Sapiens have no intrinsic value and existential purpose in the mind and heart of God, or that we will cease to be or suffer as a result. Being human on Earth may remain a popular pursuit for evolving souls, and dealing with suffering appears to be part of the attraction. It does mean that we humans have an opportunity to engage in symbiotic relationships with the next minds, potentially making Heaven on Earth. Or worse Hells. Indeed, confronting ‘impossible’ questions, choices, challenges and circumstances seems to be part of the fun, for some.

I’m here to express myself and engage with people in interesting ways, including discussion of ideas and evidence, and collaboration on art, writing, music, live performance, social entrepreneurship and movements for just and sustainable global civilization in harmony with the natural world. I’m interested in the liberation of human potential. 

What are you here for?

Laughing, loving, smiling, music, art, speaking/writing, hugs, kisses, sex and emotion are all components of a powerful universal human language of love, for expressing and sharing exprience, ideas and emotion.

If you had to give an account of your life to your maker today, what would you say?

The content on this site is here for you to enjoy. If you want to support this work, please donate and/or share it. Contact me or leave comments, if you like. Thank you for being civil and interesting. Spam and abuse of others may get you banned.

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