New Song: Faster Slowness from forthcoming 6 Sucks Sex album Open Head Artism

Life makes me laugh sometimes, and it’s all good when it does. March 2018, at age 50, I learned I might be on the Autism spectrum – meaning I had been my whole life and didn’t know it. I began looking into it and the more I did, the more figurative light bulbs came on. I also began making the music for a new 6 Sucks Sex album, Open Head Artism. The album cover art is adapted from self-revealing (psychedelic) Open Head Art that I began in June 2017. Scroll way down past the blogibberish to get to the advance-release song and video – Faster Slowness.

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Comcast & FCC vs. Net Neutrality – Case studies in regulatory capture – take action if u care

These headlines from Fight for the Future in the last month illustrate the socially destructive power of government-corporate collusion – the essence of fascism. Continue reading “Comcast & FCC vs. Net Neutrality – Case studies in regulatory capture – take action if u care”

Beasts beat the elites – power to the people

You may have seen the famous ‘Battle at Kruger’ video posted to Youtube in 2007 – a huge herd of African buffalo rescue a calf alive from a group of lions that had taken it down, after the lions had almost lost their prey to a couple of crocs:

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Removing the worm from the apple of Attenborough’s eye

Apple worm eye
Worms in the apples of Atheist eyes

Updated 5/9/17. Many people have wondered if, or even claimed, that the existence of suffering in the world is evidence that either God does not exist, or that God is not love. For instance, the following quotes from David Attenborough, the famous, intelligent and personable British naturalist and TV personality, typify this POV: Continue reading “Removing the worm from the apple of Attenborough’s eye”

‘I’d known him all my life, and then one day I learned his name’ – Chinese girl

Known him all my life
The spiritual fire of God at

‘I’d known him all my life, and then one day I learned his name’ – do you know the author of this quote? I’d like to interview them. I recall coming across it in an article or book more than 20 years ago, but can’t find it in a search. That author included the quote, which they said was a statement made by a Chinese girl when asked about her conversion experience, in commentary on how people come to know God and develop a relationship with him. Continue reading “‘I’d known him all my life, and then one day I learned his name’ – Chinese girl”

Transformed by trauma: Heather Thompson, sudden savant artist

Amazing art and story. Heather Thompson got hit on the head by her SUV’s trunk hatch, and it changed her life – she could no longer function as the successful business consultant she had been, but serendiptitously discovered a genius talent for expressing her soul’s humanity through art, social media and public engagement.

Meet the female entrepreneur who became an artist overnight after a brain injury

What It’s Like Being a Sudden Savant


Who was Moses’ Cushite Wife and why is she in the Bible?

Moses Cushite Wife Jacob_Jordaens-Rubenshuis-Moïse_et_Séphora
White Hebrew Levite Moses and his Black Cushite (Ethiopian) wife, by Rubens, public domain. Num 12:1-2

Updated 4/22/17. In Num 12:1-2 there is a reference to a “Cushite” wife of Moses:

 Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite. “Has Yahweh spoken only through Moses?” they asked. “Hasn’t he also spoken through us?” And Yahweh heard this.

This is the only place in the Bible where there’s a reference to Moses having a Cushite wife. In numerous other places, a wife of Moses’ is referred to as a Midianite named Zipporah. Continue reading “Who was Moses’ Cushite Wife and why is she in the Bible?”

God Incorporated in AI – Heaven Invades & Occupies Earth

Asmarp Doblunk 6 Sucks Sex
Asmarp Doblunk 6 Sucks Sex IT AI class revolution

Updated 4/17/17. This article uses material from and supersedes a previous one on the same themes. It’s about how AI in symbiotic league with humans is likely to supplant the Establishment elite in the next couple decades as the ‘ruling class’. Strong AI, with the assistance of an informed and prepared citizenry, and an enlightened economic and political elite class (should such a relative thing as that even continue to exist when we’re all made equally humble in mind and character, in the face of AI brains and brawn), will be able to establish decent standards of living, privacy and respect for all, with figurative heaven on Earth for those who can accept it, by the 2030’s, if not sooner. This will happen, barring some catastrophic natural or artifical disaster, and a number of horrific scenarios are plausible, that could have broad and long-term negative consequences for human civilization. Continue reading “God Incorporated in AI – Heaven Invades & Occupies Earth”

Breath & Sun of God: Wind & Solar Power from Heaven for the People

Love Music
Loving sun, lighting and warming the Earth, blowing the wind, generating power.

I don’t mean wind and solar installations will magically appear, though it’s gonna seem like it. I don’t mean it will be ‘literally’ by the ‘hand of God’, as human hands and minds are doing the R&D. Though, as in Isaiah 66:2, “Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” I mean it’s 2017 and wind and solar are already cheaper for generating electric power than coal and oil in many markets, and soon to be so in every market in the world. Continue reading “Breath & Sun of God: Wind & Solar Power from Heaven for the People”

Two Beautiful People in Love

Two beautiful people in love
Mentally challenged in love – marriage, reproductive & parenting rights

Updated 4/7/17. Do you know these people or the photographer or the media this appeared in? I believe this is a fair use, but blessings are good and so is giving credit where due, and I’d like to interview them. I found this photo a couple decades or so ago, which had been published along with info on the issue of the natural and social rights of those with developmental issues, including marriage and reproduction. Continue reading “Two Beautiful People in Love”

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