Beasts beat the elites – power to the people

You may have seen the famous ‘Battle at Kruger’ video posted to Youtube in 2007 – a huge herd of African buffalo rescue a calf alive from a group of lions that had taken it down, after the lions had almost lost their prey to a couple of crocs:

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God Incorporated in AI – Heaven Invades & Occupies Earth

Asmarp Doblunk 6 Sucks Sex
Asmarp Doblunk 6 Sucks Sex IT AI class revolution

Updated 4/17/17. This article uses material from and supersedes a previous one on the same themes. It’s about how AI in symbiotic league with humans is likely to supplant the Establishment elite in the next couple decades as the ‘ruling class’. Strong AI, with the assistance of an informed and prepared citizenry, and an enlightened economic and political elite class (should such a relative thing as that even continue to exist when we’re all made equally humble in mind and character, in the face of AI brains and brawn), will be able to establish decent standards of living, privacy and respect for all, with figurative heaven on Earth for those who can accept it, by the 2030’s, if not sooner. This will happen, barring some catastrophic natural or artifical disaster, and a number of horrific scenarios are plausible, that could have broad and long-term negative consequences for human civilization. Continue reading “God Incorporated in AI – Heaven Invades & Occupies Earth”

Breath & Sun of God: Wind & Solar Power from Heaven for the People

Love Music
Loving sun, lighting and warming the Earth, blowing the wind, generating power.

I don’t mean wind and solar installations will magically appear, though it’s gonna seem like it. I don’t mean it will be ‘literally’ by the ‘hand of God’, as human hands and minds are doing the R&D. Though, as in Isaiah 66:2, “Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” I mean it’s 2017 and wind and solar are already cheaper for generating electric power than coal and oil in many markets, and soon to be so in every market in the world. Continue reading “Breath & Sun of God: Wind & Solar Power from Heaven for the People”

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