Beasts beat the elites – power to the people

You may have seen the famous ‘Battle at Kruger’ video posted to Youtube in 2007 – a huge herd of African buffalo rescue a calf alive from a group of lions that had taken it down, after the lions had almost lost their prey to a couple of crocs:

It’s a dramatic, gripping, inspiring scene – animals whose main defense is their physical size and strength in numbers, defending one of their youngest, smallest, most defenseless members against some of Mother Nature’s most powerful, fearsome, vicious and violent land predators. The tables turn clearly when one of the buffalo charges up and tosses a lion into the air with its horns. The ‘kings of the jungle’ are all eventually sent running with their tails metaphorically between their legs as the buffalo chase them.

This isn’t the norm – there are many more videos where buffalo watch helplessly as a pride of lions catches, kills and eats one of their herd. However, it’s not an anomaly, either – here’s some more examples of buffalo teaming up to defend their own against those who would take their lives for their own ends:

Lions and crocodiles are natural born carnivores, and must eat meat to survive – we have not reached that age where lions lay down with lambs and eat grass, or where men beat their swords into plowshares: Isaiah 2:4, Isaiah 11:6Isaiah 65:25.

And, because lions don’t understand the concept of working at a job they hate to earn money to spend in corporate grocery stores on factory-farmed-and-slaughtered animals, they go out and kill what they eat themselves. Also unlike human consumers, very little of what they kill for food goes to waste in the trash. What the apex predators don’t eat goes to feed other creatures, like hyenas, vultures, maggots and bacteria.

Humans, however, can thrive on a properly-planned vegan diet (I’m a vegan-leaning omnivore). In fact, the largest studies to date, the Adventist Health Studies, which have included well over two hundred thousand people, have demonstrated that lower consumption of animal products is clearly linked to better health and longevity in humans.

Also note the view of the conservative and corporate-friendly ADA:

It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.

And see this site listing vegan athletes – including a number of world record-setters and champions in a host of different sports, including fighting, distance running, body-building and strength-training:

Of course, it is ‘natural’ for humans to eat meat, and incorporating this nutritionally-dense food is part of why human beings have evolved to our present level of civilization. However, at some point in the evolution of civilization, the meat abolitionists will eventually win for animals in court. It’s inevitable, once Western science, politics and justice catch up with reality, establish the nature of consciousness and beingness, and conclude that rights extend to sentient beings besides humans and pets.

By then, meat-lovers will be able to buy petri dish-meat dishes cultured from stem cells removed from animals, with permission, and without causing suffering. Some humans will be willing to pay a premium for such meat, even though many fake meats currently on the market fool humans in blind taste tests.

The world’s biggest and most powerful land animals, including gorillas that can crush a man’s head with their hands, eat primarily vegan diets. And, as seen in the videos above, these ‘dumb’ vegan buffalo – who live in intelligent harmony with their natural environment but appear to be incapable of (or disinterested in) creating a globally-connected information civilization –  are capable of banding together to fight off predators who would subjugate, kill and exploit them, stealing their flesh for food.

So, is there hope for the human race to organize self-defense against the predatory, parasitic global ‘elite’ class, whose members own and control the fascist corporate kleptocratic plutocracy, the mainstream media, the Establishment political parties, and the various governments and economies of the world?

During the mass protests that helped topple U.S.-backed murderous dictator Hosni Mubarak in the Arab Spring, Egyptians shouted, “Tunisia is not better than Egypt!” Will humans one day be shouting that ‘buffalo are not better than humans!’, as we organize to purge criminal elites from power positions in our global society – hopefully, peacefully, in civil and criminal courts, and at the ballot box as we elect third party and independent candidates with integrity, and co-opt the Democrat and Republican and other Establishment parties around the world for good?

Given that far too many American ‘elites’ were born into wealth and privilege and make no useful contributions to society, and have proven their willingness to kill Americans by the thousands in 9/11 and other false-flag attacks, and cover up their treasonous serial mass-murder with the help of the MSM, and, also with the help of the media and the Republocrats, have lied to send thousands more Americans to die and kill tens of thousands of others in wars for geo-strategic resources, we must be prepared for massive and deadly violent attacks used as an excuse for more foreign military interventions for profit, and for expanding the already draconian global surveillance state, as these subhuman ‘elites’ desperately attempt to maintain their illegitimate hold on power.

If and when AI’s do get ‘smart’, they will understand that power consolidated in the dirty hands and small minds of evil ‘elites’ is one of the biggest threats to global peace, stability, development and prosperity. So, while I hope for the human race to pull our collective head from our collective ass and kick these shitty ‘elites’ to the curb, I think that it’s more likely that AI’s will get smart before we do, and in league with a few real and decent human beings, expose and neutralize the corrupt power elite, which depends on an apathetic and disinformed electorate to exist.

Note that what the Arab Spring attained for Egypt so far is another US-backed brutal tyrant, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Humanity is evolving slowly, while technology is advancing at an accelerating pace. By the 2030’s AI will surpass human-level intelligence – if human civilization doesn’t crash first.

May God richly bless all you real people – regardless of what type of organism you presently inhabit.


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