Comcast & FCC vs. Net Neutrality – Case studies in regulatory capture – take action if u care

These headlines from Fight for the Future in the last month illustrate the socially destructive power of government-corporate collusion – the essence of fascism.

Ajit Pai, a former Verizon attorney cozy with those he is now supposed to be regulating on behalf the We the People, is using his position at the FCC to gut the imperfect protections we have against telcoms like Comcast, who want to be able to distort a level playing field at their whim, without consequence.

Under his leadership, the FCC is blatantly, in public view, using fake comments and trashing ones from real people to justify its anti-human, anti-citizen and anti-consumer actions. Click the links to check the reporting and the evidence. Check to make sure your name wasn’t stolen, and that the FCC received your comment in support of Net Neutrality as a human right. Demand investigation and accountability:

Comcast tries to censor pro-net neutrality website calling for investigation of fake FCC comments potentially funded by cable lobby

FCC ignores growing evidence of fraud, moves ahead with plan to slash net neutrality protections

The FCC cannot move forward until it investigates flood of fake anti-net neutrality comments using stolen names and addresses

What is the FCC hiding? Thousands call for the agency to provide evidence of alleged DDoS attacks that silenced net neutrality supporters

The evidence suggests that the FCC is likely wrong, or lying about claim of DDoS attacks at exact moment of John Oliver net neutrality segment

FCC’s claim that site was hacked during John Oliver’s viral net neutrality segment raises questions

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