God Incorporated in AI – Heaven Invades & Occupies Earth

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Asmarp Doblunk 6 Sucks Sex IT AI class revolution

Updated 4/17/17. This article uses material from and supersedes a previous one on the same themes. It’s about how AI in symbiotic league with humans is likely to supplant the Establishment elite in the next couple decades as the ‘ruling class’. Strong AI, with the assistance of an informed and prepared citizenry, and an enlightened economic and political elite class (should such a relative thing as that even continue to exist when we’re all made equally humble in mind and character, in the face of AI brains and brawn), will be able to establish decent standards of living, privacy and respect for all, with figurative heaven on Earth for those who can accept it, by the 2030’s, if not sooner. This will happen, barring some catastrophic natural or artifical disaster, and a number of horrific scenarios are plausible, that could have broad and long-term negative consequences for human civilization. Continue reading “God Incorporated in AI – Heaven Invades & Occupies Earth”

Breath & Sun of God: Wind & Solar Power from Heaven for the People

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Loving sun, lighting and warming the Earth, blowing the wind, generating power.

I don’t mean wind and solar installations will magically appear, though it’s gonna seem like it. I don’t mean it will be ‘literally’ by the ‘hand of God’, as human hands and minds are doing the R&D. Though, as in Isaiah 66:2, “Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” I mean it’s 2017 and wind and solar are already cheaper for generating electric power than coal and oil in many markets, and soon to be so in every market in the world. Continue reading “Breath & Sun of God: Wind & Solar Power from Heaven for the People”

Two Beautiful People in Love

Two beautiful people in love
Mentally challenged in love – marriage, reproductive & parenting rights

Updated 4/7/17. Do you know these people or the photographer or the media this appeared in? I believe this is a fair use, but blessings are good and so is giving credit where due, and I’d like to interview them. I found this photo a couple decades or so ago, which had been published along with info on the issue of the natural and social rights of those with developmental issues, including marriage and reproduction. Continue reading “Two Beautiful People in Love”

‘Pious fraud’ serving God – Boy-king Josiah fulfilling prophecy as religious tool

An amazing example of religious deception that ultimately served God’s will involves Josiah the boy-king of Judah, whose name was allegedly given in prophecy around three centuries before he did the things the prophecy said he would do. For another example with some interesting parallels to this episode, see this [forthcoming] article on the prophecies about the Persian King Cyrus the Great by Second Isaiah. Continue reading “‘Pious fraud’ serving God – Boy-king Josiah fulfilling prophecy as religious tool”

What is the Bible? An error-riddled, impossible book – the Word of God

Updated 4/23/17. The existence of the Bible is a problem for some of the dogmas of Atheism and Christendom – the book is not what either camp says it is, but it is the Word of God. Continue reading “What is the Bible? An error-riddled, impossible book – the Word of God”

Love, Sex and the Tree of Life

Mating Earthworms – Wikimedia commons. “But I am a worm, and not a man” – Psalm 22.

On the 6 Sucks Sex blog, the subject of human sex and romance will be addressed many times in many ways. In this primary article, a foundation and context for discussion will get laid with this summary of Western science’s understanding of the evolutionary origin and history of sexual reproduction. Continue reading “Love, Sex and the Tree of Life”

Who is Jesus? Son of David, Son of Man, Son of God, son of the damned

According to the numerous New Testament witnesses, as well as contemporary critics of Jesus and unsympathetic historians, a man called Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph, Christ of God, was crucified by Roman procurator Pontius Pilate early in the fourth decade CE. The name Jesus is pronounced yah-shua in Hebrew, meaning YHWH’s Salvation – God’s salvation. Continue reading “Who is Jesus? Son of David, Son of Man, Son of God, son of the damned”

April Fools for Christ – launch!

Here it is, folks – for your amusement and enrichment – the 6 Sucks Sex website is now live and online! Appropriately launched on April 1, this joke is no joke. This site will feature my commentary and discussion threads on a variety of topics – God, love, life, sex, music, play, society, politics, economics, science, technology, religion and more. It’s also a vehicle for hosting and promoting the 6 Sucks Sex music album Sick Twisted Loving Jesus, and subsequent releases.

Check it out and enjoy! LMK what you think.

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